My anti-age secret ingredient!

I remember the very first time I noticed that I was getting old. Getting ready for a friend’s wedding, the first of our group to get married, I was shocked at how deep my crow’s feet had become. Not just a nice sign that I liked to laugh anymore, but serious, wrinkled signs of ageing. The memory is so vivid in my memory because what followed was my first (of several) quarter life crisis. The year? 2016.

I suppose I also remember the day so well due to the fact that it was such a lovely ceremony. As magical blend of DIY, modern minimalism, and the floral foliage vibes you get from the local garden centre. She was collecting monsteras in wicker basket pots well before it was cool, and to really accentuate her dessert buffet, it was decorated like the spoil of a wild west raid, cacti galore. She wore this huge, puffy dress made of layer after layer of tulle and lace, with a tight fitting bodice and sheer sleeves. The only detail she had shared with us about what she was wearing before the day was her choice of shoes, which she was obsessed with, but I barely saw a snippet of them! She made sure her photographer knew not to ignore them, though.

The DIY really came across with that hemp lace fabric, mismatched vases for the tables, chalk boards with the menu in painted calligraphy, and the puzzle piece ‘leave a message for the bride and groom’ feature. But it was still so lovely. It’s all about the happy couple and the commitment, right? Not my little judgements.

But back to my crisis. I was getting ready with a friend of mine who was a few years older, that I’d met in a class at University. I moaned at the state of my skin, then moaned some more as I tried to fix it with makeup. She just turned to me and said that I needed to start using peptides. She sounded like she was talking obvious fact, and I was starting to regret dropping science in high school, I asked her, what are peptides? She just laughed and told me to google it! so I sucked it up for the day, told myself I looked more beautiful than even the bride, and settled on a little research the next day as I nursed a hangover.

And I found out that peptides are part of the amino acid chain which make up collagen molecules. So if you apply the right combination of peptides (because there are many different types!) you can basically tell your skin to take them and make some new collagen, pronto! The effect is smoothed out lines and wrinkles, and hydrated, fuller looking skin. So I got on to using them right away, and let me tell you, 2016 was the last year that I fretted over wrinkles. My skin still looks amazing in 2021!

I can’t believe I went a year without it…

This is something I remember very vividly learning in 2016… the importance of cleaning your beard, regularly!

I haven’t always been a bearded man, no quite the opposite. Until about a year before my realisation, I was strictly clean shaven. A combination of factors, I didn’t quite have the coverage across my face for a convincing full beard, and I just thought it would make me look like a different person. That stayed true, but it’s not so bad as I thought!

When I started growing it out, with the encouragement from my girlfriend at the time, I was regrettably stubborn in my approach, believing that my body had everything it needed to grow and maintain my beard. Aside from a good scrub in the shower, for which I used my usual hair shampoo and conditioner two in one. It started pretty close to my face, but as my confidence grew with it, it grew with me. You can tell I’m, no poet… I went through phases of dry skin underneath, but adamantly claimed it was the cold weather, then the hot weather, then the change of seasons, which was causing this issue.

As you have probably already guessed, that was not the problem. The problem was my lack of care. As I’ve mentioned many times before, 2016 was a real year of learning, change, and self reflection. I started researching more and more, and was turned onto the right path by men’s grooming brands which taught me the importance of a good beard shampoo.

It turns out, it really does differ from head shampoo! The ecosystem, or something. The beard variety makes sure your beard, and the skin underneath, don’t get too dry or flaky, but balances the oil levels to the perfect medium. Because the things you need to clean from facial hair er more on the side of crumbs, dust, and dirt, rather than your average hair oils.

I’m not going to say it changed overnight, but it may as well have because my beard has never been the same, and I’ve quite fallen in love with the thing!

2020 goals

I know this is breaking theme, and I did touch on this last post, but isn’t it insane how much time has passed since 2016?

I wanted to take the time to think about some 2020 goals I set for myself in 2016, I’m sure there’s a journal somewhere, and whether or not I achieved them! I’ll do one here first… document everything! I can’t say I kept to that goal particularly well, especially in the blog department, but I do have a lot of photos I’ve been looking through recently that mean a lot to me. I don’t have the feeling of not taking enough, so I think we can tick that one off as done.

What did you decide to be your 2020 vision when you were younger?

A Dinner in 2020

Wow, to think 2016 was almost 5 years ago! I know I haven’t been to amazing at keeping up with my posts, but it turns out every year thereafter had their own dramas! It was only in lockdown, with not much at all to do, I remembered how terrible I’ve been at updating this blog regularly. Hopefully that’s about to change…

I wanted to talk about something I’ve been using a lot lately, collagen cream. I always thought that applying collagen to your skin meant you would have more in your skin, but apparently that’s not the case? I realised on a dinner date with a friend, and we were laughing about how both of us were so intent on coming out of lockdown with a perfect summer body and flawless skin. My perfect summer body was a little fitter than when I started, and all the DIY’s I did seemed to sort that right out. More on those another blog post I think! But what I really wanted was to emerge from my house with skin the angels would write songs about, and the gods worship. Not to be too dramatic. So I thought collagen was the way to go. And I excitedly told my friend that my collagen levels had to be through the roof…

And all she said was “You know collagen creams don’t actually affect the collagen in your skin, right?”

The ‘right’ threw me, like she was begging me not to show how incompetent I was. The silence answered for me, and she groaned. It took all of main course for her to explain to me that collagen was too big, its molecular size, so it had no chance absorbing through the skin cells. It just moisturised, and protected. Wow. Not the exciting ingredient I was hoping for.

But at least she told me how I could build up collagen in my skin… with peptides. They’re basically the tiny little things that make up collagen, but on their own can absorb really easily and start bossing your skin cells around to build more collagen. It took all of dessert for me to really understand the science. She’s a chemist, so I promise she explained it better than I did.

Other than that, though, we had an amazing dinner. Korean barbecue, where you grill your own meat at the table. Kind of a mix between teppanyaki, and just cooking at home. You’d think it’d be cheaper! But no, although the drinks might have been the clincher when it came to the bill.

And I wasn’t even wasting my time with my current moisturiser… I did a little research and it turns out, it has peptides as well! Bonus!

The purpose of Face Toners?

Hello everyone!

Today I wanted to talk about a new step in my skincare routine I feel I should have started years ago! Face toners: the cosmetic gods gift to our skin.

For those who don’t know what a toner is, it’s a step in between cleansing the skin, and applying your serum(s) and moisturiser. They can give you skin one final cleanse, to make sure all the day’s dirt and grime is banished, and balance your skin’s pH; cleansers can often alter this! Especially if you’re using soap or another alkaline product. Our skin is naturally acidic, around a 5 on the pH scale (according to healthline), and stops functioning well when thrown off balance.  

Traditionally, toners were made for those of us with acne, with an alcohol base that could really dry out your skin. Now, they’re more often than not water based, and filled with complimentary ingredients designed for every skin type and ailment. And it’s the easiest thing to introduce! Just wet a little cotton pad with the toner and swipe over your face (and your neck/upper chest as some websites recommend!). Let it sink in for a moment then continue your regime.

Now for the toner that made my skin dreams come true… Lunar Glow’s face toner. I was a little apprehensive about purchasing, about toners in general, but the Amazon reviews swayed me!

Niacinamide, or Vitamin B3, is the titular ingredient and has an impressive resume. Anti-inflammatory, anti-blemish and pro-skin. It regulates sebum (the oil your body produces) and de-clogs your pores, whilst calming your skin from any redness. And wow, within a few days I could tell the difference. My skin looked brighter, and smoother – a noticeable reduction of bumpy pimples!

Hyaluronic Acid is so big at the moment, and for good reason – it’s a great hydrator and has anti-ageing properties. And I was happy to see Aloe Vera in there! I’m always feeling flushed in the evenings, and this toner just calmed my skin right down quickly.

And, just like the title promises… My pores were minimised! The area around my nose is evening out with every use; a problem I’ve never found anything else to solve!

So if you aren’t using a toner right now, get out and buy one!! You won’t regret it, especially if you go for Lunar Glow’s Pore Minimising Toner. Let’s keep our pH levels balanced and our skin clean!

Signing out!

Love Your Beard So We Can Love It Too

I’ve been hearing some rather concerning stuff from some of my friends. Nothing too bad mind you just stuff that I find a little concerning that they have to be concerns at all. Guys these concern are about you so I hope you’re paying attention to this little message I’ve got for you. I’m actually talking to the bearded gentlemen out there and for the ladies who have a lucky bearded gentleman in your life maybe you should keep reading as well. My concerns stem from the fact that your beard can hurt us. It goes from a slightly uncomfortable sensation to what I and some women might lovingly describe as a wire brush against our skin.

Guys we’re not telling you to shave your beard or anything drastic like that. We know that you can love that thing about as much as we can love our hair; the woman that you’re with probably loves it too to be honest. So what I wanted to ask you is that you take care of the darn thing. Here are a few examples of situations that you might need to be on the lookout for. Maybe you’ve got the full beard going and that’s cool but maybe you should watch what you eat when we’re out and about. Now I know you can’t avoid getting stuff stuck in there after a hearty meal but maybe you could try to eat in a more contained fashion so that if we take a selfie afterwards you don’t look like you just killed the cow with your bare teeth. Another situation you might want to look out for is man musk. Now man musk is a really hard scent to describe but I believe you know what I mean. You have got to wash the beard too you know? Which leads to the first issue I mentioned which is the old scratchy beard concern. Washing it can dry it out and lead to the wiry beard sensation.

The concerns are all a matter of taking care of your beard really. If you haven’t been doing the usual beard care routines that are out there maybe it’s a good time to start. And if you really have no idea what you’re doing or just want to get a better deal maybe you should look into buying a beard kit. A beard kit should have most of the tools and toiletries you need to save us from your man mane.

The feedback’s been great!

I remember asking you guys for feedback and I was a little concerned reaching out. I shouldn’t have been worried over anything, you guys have been nothing but awesome this whole time! I’ve been getting amazing comments and even some pretty interesting topic ideas for articles in the future. Once again thanks for writing in everyone!

This should be your new eye gel routine.

Eye gel much like eye cream is geared towards reducing puffiness, dark circles, and wrinkles by making the skin firmer by utilizing ingredients like hyaluronic acid, caffeine, vitamins, collagen, antioxidants and fruit and/or vegetable extracts. Now that list of ingredients might suggests eye gels have a variety of different purposes which will depend mostly on brand and label. The method to applying eye gels however tend to be the same no matter what the clear goal of the product so learning how to apply it is a mostly one-time thing.

Step 1 Wash your hands

Washing your hands just ensures that you reduce the chances of germs from your hands transferring to your eyes. It also helps to know that the best time for applying eye gel would be after nice pore-opening shower or simply washing your face GENTLY with soap. Make sure your hands and your face are thoroughly dry before applying eye gel.

Step 2 Get the eye gel out

Apply a very small amount of eye gel to the tip of your finger. Just get one drop about the size of your fingernail and put it on your ring finger and rub your other ring finger to spread them between each other. Now using your ring finger is just a way to make sure that the when you do apply it to your face there’s a nice gentle touch.

Step 3 Actually applying the eye gel

Stand in front of a mirror, open your eyes and look up. The mirror’s there to help you find your face using your peripheral vision, you know just in case. Use your ring fingers to touch the softer skin underneath your eye. Go from one corner of your eye to the other and make sure to stay under the eyelash. Next would be the sides of your eyes to avoid crow’s feet and then your eyelids. Spread as necessary but try not to put too much.

Step 4 Repeat daily

Repeat daily for best results. The best time to apply would be before going to bed.

Reach out and make contact!

I wanted to quickly post this and remind you all – I am available for contact, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Whether you want to discuss a certain point about one of my articles, or you have ideas for something I could write about, please do contact me.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you. 🙂

A Product That Helps You Get Stylish

Many people nowadays tend to be very conscious of their own appearance or how they present themselves. I believe there is no ubiquitous standard when it comes to this because most people can often see the same thing differently. A few years back in 2016, the western world had a slightly different sense of fashion. This is understandable as fashion naturally varies through time.

Previously, a man with an untrimmed beard was often considered messy to look at, so they preferred a clean cut. Nowadays, however, men dare to intentionally grow their beards and style them according to their own preferences. Actually, nowadays, studies show that ladies find a man more attractive if they take good care of their facial hair in comparison to those that just grow them but don’t maintain them properly.

Of course, there are men who are considered highly attractive due to their well-kept beards, but there are also others whose look like total chaos. Maybe they need to find a solution so they can still have their beard and it not be a complete eye-sore to others? I also think I can help them with this!

I’ve discovered a product that could be very favorable for those who wish to keep their beards in their own, natural style. Currently, this product is very popular, can be bought pretty much anywhere and can come in with various scents and formulations.

With the help of this product, you’ll achieve a softer, smoother and shinier beard because it essentially functions as moisturizer. It has a formulation that makes it possible for a healthier looking beard. In this way as well, you will be able to groom yourself easier than usual because it won’t be as tangled as before.

Small things can sometimes make a big difference – just like this product. This is just a small bottle of beard oil but it does wonders to your beard and has a great impact on your appearance.