A Dinner in 2020

Wow, to think 2016 was almost 5 years ago! I know I haven’t been to amazing at keeping up with my posts, but it turns out every year thereafter had their own dramas! It was only in lockdown, with not much at all to do, I remembered how terrible I’ve been at updating this blog regularly. Hopefully that’s about to change…

I wanted to talk about something I’ve been using a lot lately, collagen cream. I always thought that applying collagen to your skin meant you would have more in your skin, but apparently that’s not the case? I realised on a dinner date with a friend, and we were laughing about how both of us were so intent on coming out of lockdown with a perfect summer body and flawless skin. My perfect summer body was a little fitter than when I started, and all the DIY’s I did seemed to sort that right out. More on those another blog post I think! But what I really wanted was to emerge from my house with skin the angels would write songs about, and the gods worship. Not to be too dramatic. So I thought collagen was the way to go. And I excitedly told my friend that my collagen levels had to be through the roof…

And all she said was “You know collagen creams don’t actually affect the collagen in your skin, right?”

The ‘right’ threw me, like she was begging me not to show how incompetent I was. The silence answered for me, and she groaned. It took all of main course for her to explain to me that collagen was too big, its molecular size, so it had no chance absorbing through the skin cells. It just moisturised, and protected. Wow. Not the exciting ingredient I was hoping for.

But at least she told me how I could build up collagen in my skin… with peptides. They’re basically the tiny little things that make up collagen, but on their own can absorb really easily and start bossing your skin cells around to build more collagen. It took all of dessert for me to really understand the science. She’s a chemist, so I promise she explained it better than I did.

Other than that, though, we had an amazing dinner. Korean barbecue, where you grill your own meat at the table. Kind of a mix between teppanyaki, and just cooking at home. You’d think it’d be cheaper! But no, although the drinks might have been the clincher when it came to the bill.

And I wasn’t even wasting my time with my current moisturiser… I did a little research and it turns out, it has peptides as well! Bonus!