What started it all

I wasn’t all that into makeup and beauty routines before 2016 and up until then I didn’t really think too much of any of those practices. I was always of the idea that I didn’t really need it. Call it arrogance but I’d always felt that I was plenty easy to look at. The understanding I’d had about my own physical appearance up until then was thoroughly challenged in 2016. My personal appearance wasn’t something that ever concerned me but I was also a little bit what some people might refer to as “pessimistic” I was kind of really edgy at the time and that in turn may have influenced the way that I approached everything.

My friend blew my mind that year. She just did one small thing. And by one small thing I mean she dragged my butt to a get together with a bunch of our old high school classmates. Despite my previous misconceptions of some of the girls there as being “fake” I was immediately greeted kindly and warmly by most of them. They hadn’t really changed all that much from our high school days and some of them started asking how I’d been taking care of my skin. I wasn’t completely wrong thinking that I looked fine but when they figured out that I didn’t have any beauty routines there was a bit of a commotion forming around me. I remember one particular comment was that if I tried some beauty routines I might have fun and then the kits came out. I was genuinely confused and concerned that these women just carried these things around with them but I was immediately astonished with how much fun they were having trying and comparing their products. What surprised me even more was the fun I was having, I’d never understood it all until then but even though they still cared about the products it was mostly about the experience for them. That epiphany kicked off a year of discovery which I really just couldn’t forget.