I can’t believe I went a year without it…

This is something I remember very vividly learning in 2016… the importance of cleaning your beard, regularly!

I haven’t always been a bearded man, no quite the opposite. Until about a year before my realisation, I was strictly clean shaven. A combination of factors, I didn’t quite have the coverage across my face for a convincing full beard, and I just thought it would make me look like a different person. That stayed true, but it’s not so bad as I thought!

When I started growing it out, with the encouragement from my girlfriend at the time, I was regrettably stubborn in my approach, believing that my body had everything it needed to grow and maintain my beard. Aside from a good scrub in the shower, for which I used my usual hair shampoo and conditioner two in one. It started pretty close to my face, but as my confidence grew with it, it grew with me. You can tell I’m, no poet… I went through phases of dry skin underneath, but adamantly claimed it was the cold weather, then the hot weather, then the change of seasons, which was causing this issue.

As you have probably already guessed, that was not the problem. The problem was my lack of care. As I’ve mentioned many times before, 2016 was a real year of learning, change, and self reflection. I started researching more and more, and was turned onto the right path by men’s grooming brands which taught me the importance of a good beard shampoo.

It turns out, it really does differ from head shampoo! The ecosystem, or something. The beard variety makes sure your beard, and the skin underneath, don’t get too dry or flaky, but balances the oil levels to the perfect medium. Because the things you need to clean from facial hair er more on the side of crumbs, dust, and dirt, rather than your average hair oils.

I’m not going to say it changed overnight, but it may as well have because my beard has never been the same, and I’ve quite fallen in love with the thing!