Letting my skin breathe in 2016

2016 feels so long ago now. A lot (and I mean a lot) has changed in such a short space of time.

One thing I learnt in 2016 that I have taken with me into the years since is the importance of looking after your skin!

It’s quite often something that one overlooks. After all it’s likely you’re not going to notice or think your skin needs any attention until its starts to defoliate!

In 2016 I almost learnt the hard way that it’s important to be proactive when it comes to skincare. In other words I believe that all of us should be taking daily steps to look after it, even when you are in your twenties.

Moisturising is vitally important. This prevents your skin from cracking, becoming sore and helps prevent wrinkles forming.

It wasn’t until September 2016 though, that I discovered a different method of keeping your skin in check. For as long as I can remember, a good friend of mine has always been banging on about mud masks, and how she uses them religiously.

mud mask application

Personally I couldn’t think of anything worse. I struggle with putting moisturiser on my face, let alone mud!

She insisted though, and in September I reluctantly agreed to give it a go. I was a bit too nervous to do it myself, so I went round her house so we could both apply the masks together.

It was a really fun experience! This was probably the most surprising thing about the evening – I had no idea that looking after my skin could be so fun.

The results were incredible too. My face felt amazing – hydrated, nourished, tight and taut and just generally incredibly fresh.

I’ve been completely hooked since, and have taken to using this mud mask twice a week.

So although 2016 was somewhat a year of suffering, this was one of the better developments from that year; something I can’t see myself stopping any time soon.