Love Your Beard So We Can Love It Too

I’ve been hearing some rather concerning stuff from some of my friends. Nothing too bad mind you just stuff that I find a little concerning that they have to be concerns at all. Guys these concern are about you so I hope you’re paying attention to this little message I’ve got for you. I’m actually talking to the bearded gentlemen out there and for the ladies who have a lucky bearded gentleman in your life maybe you should keep reading as well. My concerns stem from the fact that your beard can hurt us. It goes from a slightly uncomfortable sensation to what I and some women might lovingly describe as a wire brush against our skin.

Guys we’re not telling you to shave your beard or anything drastic like that. We know that you can love that thing about as much as we can love our hair; the woman that you’re with probably loves it too to be honest. So what I wanted to ask you is that you take care of the darn thing. Here are a few examples of situations that you might need to be on the lookout for. Maybe you’ve got the full beard going and that’s cool but maybe you should watch what you eat when we’re out and about. Now I know you can’t avoid getting stuff stuck in there after a hearty meal but maybe you could try to eat in a more contained fashion so that if we take a selfie afterwards you don’t look like you just killed the cow with your bare teeth. Another situation you might want to look out for is man musk. Now man musk is a really hard scent to describe but I believe you know what I mean. You have got to wash the beard too you know? Which leads to the first issue I mentioned which is the old scratchy beard concern. Washing it can dry it out and lead to the wiry beard sensation.

The concerns are all a matter of taking care of your beard really. If you haven’t been doing the usual beard care routines that are out there maybe it’s a good time to start. And if you really have no idea what you’re doing or just want to get a better deal maybe you should look into buying a beard kit. A beard kit should have most of the tools and toiletries you need to save us from your man mane.