My anti-age secret ingredient!

I remember the very first time I noticed that I was getting old. Getting ready for a friend’s wedding, the first of our group to get married, I was shocked at how deep my crow’s feet had become. Not just a nice sign that I liked to laugh anymore, but serious, wrinkled signs of ageing. The memory is so vivid in my memory because what followed was my first (of several) quarter life crisis. The year? 2016.

I suppose I also remember the day so well due to the fact that it was such a lovely ceremony. As magical blend of DIY, modern minimalism, and the floral foliage vibes you get from the local garden centre. She was collecting monsteras in wicker basket pots well before it was cool, and to really accentuate her dessert buffet, it was decorated like the spoil of a wild west raid, cacti galore. She wore this huge, puffy dress made of layer after layer of tulle and lace, with a tight fitting bodice and sheer sleeves. The only detail she had shared with us about what she was wearing before the day was her choice of shoes, which she was obsessed with, but I barely saw a snippet of them! She made sure her photographer knew not to ignore them, though.

The DIY really came across with that hemp lace fabric, mismatched vases for the tables, chalk boards with the menu in painted calligraphy, and the puzzle piece ‘leave a message for the bride and groom’ feature. But it was still so lovely. It’s all about the happy couple and the commitment, right? Not my little judgements.

But back to my crisis. I was getting ready with a friend of mine who was a few years older, that I’d met in a class at University. I moaned at the state of my skin, then moaned some more as I tried to fix it with makeup. She just turned to me and said that I needed to start using peptides. She sounded like she was talking obvious fact, and I was starting to regret dropping science in high school, I asked her, what are peptides? She just laughed and told me to google it! so I sucked it up for the day, told myself I looked more beautiful than even the bride, and settled on a little research the next day as I nursed a hangover.

And I found out that peptides are part of the amino acid chain which make up collagen molecules. So if you apply the right combination of peptides (because there are many different types!) you can basically tell your skin to take them and make some new collagen, pronto! The effect is smoothed out lines and wrinkles, and hydrated, fuller looking skin. So I got on to using them right away, and let me tell you, 2016 was the last year that I fretted over wrinkles. My skin still looks amazing in 2021!