This should be your new eye gel routine.

Eye gel much like eye cream is geared towards reducing puffiness, dark circles, and wrinkles by making the skin firmer by utilizing ingredients like hyaluronic acid, caffeine, vitamins, collagen, antioxidants and fruit and/or vegetable extracts. Now that list of ingredients might suggests eye gels have a variety of different purposes which will depend mostly on brand and label. The method to applying eye gels however tend to be the same no matter what the clear goal of the product so learning how to apply it is a mostly one-time thing.

Step 1 Wash your hands

Washing your hands just ensures that you reduce the chances of germs from your hands transferring to your eyes. It also helps to know that the best time for applying eye gel would be after nice pore-opening shower or simply washing your face GENTLY with soap. Make sure your hands and your face are thoroughly dry before applying eye gel.

Step 2 Get the eye gel out

Apply a very small amount of eye gel to the tip of your finger. Just get one drop about the size of your fingernail and put it on your ring finger and rub your other ring finger to spread them between each other. Now using your ring finger is just a way to make sure that the when you do apply it to your face there’s a nice gentle touch.

Step 3 Actually applying the eye gel

Stand in front of a mirror, open your eyes and look up. The mirror’s there to help you find your face using your peripheral vision, you know just in case. Use your ring fingers to touch the softer skin underneath your eye. Go from one corner of your eye to the other and make sure to stay under the eyelash. Next would be the sides of your eyes to avoid crow’s feet and then your eyelids. Spread as necessary but try not to put too much.

Step 4 Repeat daily

Repeat daily for best results. The best time to apply would be before going to bed.